To channelize maximum potential of the candidate to successfully appear
for their desired courses and gain highest score.

Our Esteem Trainers

The well experienced trainers guide the students in their preparatory
procedure & lead them gently towards achieving their goal of mastering the test.

Modes of Training

Tutors will be available at flexible hours
to meet your individual needs.
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Our Student Says…

Akshay Jadhav :

I am very pleased with the services offered by TRINITY GLOBAL .

I give them the credit for the high score I received for the GRE. The teaching staff was excellent, professional and prompt in handling my questions and doubts. I was initially very weak at VERBAL but the teacher gave me extra material and lessons to help me through it. I also vastly improved my essay writing skills because of the guided essay coaching. I also appreciated the ability to take practice tests that simulated the experience of taking the real GRE .Thank you Trinity Global