Career Assessment


Our online career assessment services will help you evaluate, strategize, and formulate the right steps to get on the right track and eventually Enter the right place. Take the step towards achieving your goals and making it big with Trinity Global Education.
We offer you different services as per your requirements starting from making career choice, exam preparation, your aspiration of Studying India and Abroad.
We guide you to build your profile as per the course you would like to pursue.

Have you completed your 10th grade or your 12th grade and are looking for a career test? Or do you want reliable career tests to evaluate and plan your career? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Stay a step ahead with our career guidance test and choose the best profession for yourself by taking Trinity Global Education personality test.


  • 60 minutes Career Test to assess your aptitude based on scientific principles

  • Exhaustive, 22-page report detailing aspects of your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and suitable career options

  • Detailed report about your personality, aptitude and skills

  • Evaluation of multiple career opportunities

  • Matched scientifically and accurately, to 80 different job categories and 400 different job

  • customised Career Roadmap from Career Experts

  • Concrete Strategy and Detailed Plan of Action

Transition Counseling for Working Individuals

  • Strength and Weakness Identification

  • Industry-Targeted Career Advice

  • Profile Building & Research Paper Guidance

  • Step-by-Step Career Planning and Guidance

  • Recommendations for Resume Strengthening

  • Exploration of Relevant Career Opportunities

  • Review of Pitch Deck (for entrepreneurs)

  • Advice on Compensation Negotiation

  • Suggestions on Upskilling and Certifications

  • Mapping Various Career Trajectories

  • Next Steps with a Realistic Timeline

Please Note:  All testing and services is done online; you will not be required to travel/visit our offices and you can avail of this service from any location worldwide. Your personalized 1-hour session will be on Skype and can be taken from any location across the world. You can use the hour to discuss any of the above.

Get specific advice on how to build your profile, maximize your strengths and reach your goals, through our counselling session.

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