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(Admission Process)

Trinity Global Education Service helps our students to get into the best Undergraduate & MBA/MS university with the help of our experienced team of Admission Consultants.

  • We will assist you to get you into your “DREAM School/University”.

  • Shortlisting your Schools/ Universities as per course.

  • College Application

  • Helping you prepare your Transcript & Letter of Recommendations.

  • Scholarship Assistance

  • Advice on Upskilling and Certifications

  • Evaluation of Multiple Courses or Opportunities

  • Editing Essays & Personal statement

  • Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants

  • Sessions on understanding the International educational systems

  • Law School Interview by conducting one on one Mock Interview sessions
  • Profile building in terms of elective to be taken, projects to be done, extra activities to be indulged in.

  • Interaction with parents (sponsors) for financial planning.

  • Resume Building Recommendations

  • Assistance on Financial Documents.

  • VISA Application.

  • VISA Interview

  • Other Services such as discounted foreign exchange, insurance, discounted couriers, educational loans, ticketing and etc.

  • Post Selection assistance.

  • Personalized assistance for your entire application.

  • Pre-departure seminars to ensure a smooth transition to an international university

How do University Applications Work with Trinity Global Education

Our Application Advice takes place online, meaning you can complete your sessions from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

University Application Guidance

Choose the right universities for your course you aspire for, nail your applications and secure the offers you want. This is where we, an overseas education consultancy come in. Trinity Global Education has helped several students get placed top-tier institutions across the globe. Our experts will help evaluate your profile, pick the right college, and secure a successful admission in your dream university.

Way to your career choice & Application Deadlines

Learn about the different pathways into the course you plan for and which ones could work best for you. With the our service of Profile Evaluation and Detailed Feedback we help you on Guidance related to Standardized Test Requirements and Target Scores. Various options related to Academic Options and Pre-requisites. In depth Advice on Upskilling and Certifications. We Guide you on Evaluation of Multiple Courses or Opportunities in the Careers you would like to apply with the regular information on the universities and deadlines for the applications.

College Application Resume

High school student resumes give colleges a snapshot of your accomplishments, extracurriculars, hobbies, and work history. They can also be a useful tool for prepping for a college interview or to give to the teachers who are writing your letters of recommendation. Some colleges and scholarship committees request or recommend that you include a high school resume with your application materials. Our experts will guide you in building and drafting the best resume for your university application. Which will guide you to Save hours of work and get a application winning resume.

Impressive Personal Statement

There’s a perfect way to tell each story and we help you write yours. The Adcom wants you to focus on what your motivation to want to pursue the specific course . This allows the University Admissions team for the UK |USA|CANADA|AUSTRALIA |GERMANY or any country you plan to apply to look at you beyond your academic scores and understand your aspirations and profile better. Our Admission consultants analyze and discuss winning strategies with you so that each essay adds value to your application! Impress admission team at your chosen universities with techniques to produce a high-quality personal statement.

Recommendation Letters & Predicted Grades

It’s important to have strong recommendations from your School Counselor or Subject Teachers also work and clients you have done internship or observership with . Reiterating your achievements and project highlights in the recommendation letters is a good tip! Your predicted grades are crucial to the application process as universities often give conditional offers based on them. So having strong academic scores makes an application strong. We guide you to build the strong recommentation which gives a credit to your University Application.

Expert Tutours

We’ve got a full-time team of qualified tutors, with great experience in their own subjects .This means that achieving higher scores in your enterance exams will hopefully become second nature! Our Expert tutors will help you work on any aspects of the exam.With our test prep service, you will be able to strengthen your foundational knowledge, build your confidence, and enrich your resources. Many colleges in the UK |USA|CANADA|AUSTRALIA |GERMANY or any country you plan to apply will require you to take standardized tests to determine your aptitude at on the most basic level. This is where test prep becomes extremely important. The test prep service at Trinity Global Education will help you to ace these exact tests.

Proven Prep and Admission Consultant Provider

At Trinity Global Education we work with thousands of students each year and get them placed in their dream university by building the best profile and getting them prep to score high in their entrance exams. Our students are placed in Top Universities and Schools for various courses they had Aspiration for. With our customized guidance, you can zero in on colleges and get placed in your desired university. Our team of education consultants will provide you with exclusive and personalized online counseling services.

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