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The PSAT is mostly a practice version of the SAT ® , but it can also lead to more money for college. The highest performers on this exam are eligible to earn scholarships, and even just becoming a Commended Scholar can be a helpful addition to your application.

The PSAT is often taken during the school day, in place of other classes. The test itself takes about 3 hours, including break time.

You will receive a composite score, two section scores, and a variety of subsection scores. The test itself includes four timed sections:-

  1. Evidence-Based Reading.
  2. Writing and Language.
  3. Math (no calculator).
  4. Math (calculator allowed).



Each correct answer on the PSAT counts as one point toward your raw score. Remember, there’s no penalty for guessing on the PSAT, so answer every multiple- choice question even if you have to guess. Next, your raw score will be converted to your scaled score. This scaled score will range from 160 to 760 for each section, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math (there is no essay on the PSAT).Your composite score is the combination of this scaled score from each section, so your composite score will range from 320 to 1520. You will also be shown two percentile ranks comparing you to other students in your grade. These percentiles show how well you did compared to other test takers. If you scored in the 72nd percentile, for example, you did better than 72% of all test takers. The Nationally Representative Sample percentile score compares your scores to those of typical U.S. students in your grade (whether or not they’ve taken the PSAT), and the User Percentile—National percentile score compares your scores to those of typical U.S. PSAT test takers in your grade. Ask your counselor for more information about percentiles or anything else on your PSAT score report.

Most students will take the PSAT/NMSQT on Wednesday, October 10. Some students may test on Saturday, October 13 or Wednesday, October 24. There are also some other exceptions that vary by region—check with your counselor to confirm your PSAT test date. 10th graders who will be taking the PSAT 10 can expect to test between February 25 and April 26, 2019.