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The full form of ACT is American College Testing.
The ACT is a standardized test that is administered by the non-profit ACT to ascertain the
college readiness of a high school student.(Read more about the college admissions process in USA)
It was introduced as a competitor to the SAT in 1959, and the two tests closely mirror each other in their objective(serving as a reliable indicator of college preparedness for high
school students) and the framework adopted to achieve that objective. Since the last five years, both ACT and SAT are accepted by almost all major universities for undergraduate
admissions in the US.

Though ACT does not specifically list any prerequisites for the exam, it is generally taken by 13+-year-old high school students. There are no age or grade restrictions to appear for the exam. However, you will need an International credit/debit card to register for the exam and a valid International passport to serve as a valid identification proof.

International Test Dates for ACT can be found on their website, which they update every year. International students have 5 test dates allotted in total, and 3 of them fall in the September to December season. In general, you need to register for the test at least 1 month prior to the test date. If you want to be on the safer side, it is advisable to appear for it 1st  in April /June to have a time-window for improvement in the usually rushed fall season. That would allow for plenty of time to learn from your mistakes and formulate a plan for capitalizing on the strengths, in case you decide to sit for the exam for the 2nd time in the fall season(around September).

ACT with no writing component costs $46, whereas ACT with a writing component costs $62.50. However, there is an additional international testing fee of $57.50. As most Indian students opt for the writing component as well, the total fees is $120, which is INR 7700 based on the current exchange rate. There are also the usual fees for sending score reports to additional schools(you are eligible to send the score reports to 4 schools for free).

ACT assigns higher importance to curriculum-based learning inside school instead of just raw aptitude, as compared to the SAT. It tests you on areas related to English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.The endurance of the individual is tested along with the knowledge, as the test stretches for around 3 hours in total. You can add 40 minutes to the total time if you have opted for a writing essay too. The test comprises of 215 multiple choice questions. No negative marking is there, so intelligent guessing is recommended.

Like all admissions abroad, the final call depends on the overall profile of the applicant rather than a single metric of performance like the ACT.Hence,definition of a ‘good score’ is subjective and dependent on the schools which fall on your radar. ACT comprises of four sections – English, Mathematics, Reading and Science; and every section receives a score
from 1-36.The composite score (or final score) is the average of the 4 scores from different
sections and ranges from 1-36 too.
Below is a table showing the 25th and 75th percentile scores(meaning 25% of admitted
students had lower scores and 25% had higher scores)for Top 10 ranked schools: However, just like most standardized tests, it is used primarily as a filtering mechanism. If you have a score that is out-of-line considering your target school, it is likely going to be difficult for you to convince them to accept you(unless you are close to finding a cure for cancer or thereabouts).The average ACT composite score hovers around 21. It might be a good idea to decide on a target score after taking a diagnostic test and depends on the target score, but 80-100 hours of dedicated preparation suffices for a majority of individuals. The official document from ACT contains the strategies for the preparation of the test.

College RankingCollege Name25th Percentile Score 75th Percentile Score
1Princeton University3235
2Harvard University3235
3University of Chicago3235
4Yale University31 35
5(Tie)Columbia University3235
5(Tie)Stanford University3135
7Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT)3335
8(Tie)Duke University3134
8(Tie)University of Pennsylvania3134
10Johns Hopkins University32