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Kick start your journey of success with the help of the Career Counselors with Trinity Global Education today!
Are you confused about which career path to pursue and need the help of career consultants? Looking for reliable career counselling services? Or are you worried about where to get career counseling sessions? Then we’ve got you covered! Use Trinity Global Education’s online career counseling services to plan your career and move up the career ladder.
At Trinity Global Education we provide personalized and expert career counseling for people who want to find the best career for themselves, people who are looking for career enhancement or even people who wish to make a career switch. Our expert career consultants are notable alumni from top colleges abroad who have the proficient experience to guide you.
Our online career counseling services can help you evaluate, strategize, and formulate the right steps to get on the right track and eventually get the right job. Take the step towards achieving your goals and making it big with Trinity Global Education today!

Career counselling is a domain of counseling that focuses on helping individuals find the right career pathway. In career counselling the individuals receive guidance from professional counselors that provide expert advice on the potentials, Aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of carefully designed assessment tools. These assessment tools are both subjective and objective. After carefully studying the individual’s Interests and Aptitude, career counselors guide individuals to set their career goals.

Our Career counselors work along with their clients in a systematic pattern. They determine the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns and their interests. Usually, tools like fingerprint testing, Aptitude test,IQ or Interest tests are used to understand the individual. Based on the reports the counselor then works along with the individual to find for a potential career choice. From helping choose the right board, course, college to choosing the right job, the counselor guides the individual in mapping the entire pathway to the desired goal.

  • Career Guidance is the guidance given to individuals to aid them in understanding their skills, abilities and potential that is important for choosing the right career path.
  • Career guidance after 10th and career guidance after 12th are very important as these are the crucial turning points in a students’ life.
  • Career guidance and counselling provided by professional career guidance counsellors to students who are confused as to what career choice to make. Brainwonders career counsellors are qualified career guides who help students understand their innate abilities and skills through various career guidance test such as Aptitude test and interest test, also help students choose the right career path.

With increasingly myriad career options rising, career counselling has become an essential part of people’s life. Students after completing their 10th are often indecisive of what to do further. This indecisiveness could be a result of social pressure, lack of parental guidance, multiple career options, ignorance of personal potentials etc., career counselors cater to these issues effectively. Although career counselling is vital to all age groups, teenagers can benefit most from it. Besides students, career counselling also caters to employees who have already chosen a career and are not satisfied with it. These individuals are redirected towards their goals and are given insight into their professional orientation. Career counselors also link students to experts who represent as models to encourage and to positively reinforce the students. Factors like life satisfaction, self-efficacy, happiness etc. are all co-dependent to job satisfaction therefore there is a lot of importance given to career counselling.


Have you completed your 10th grade or your 12th grade and are looking for a career test? Or do you want reliable career tests to evaluate and plan your career? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Stay a step ahead with our career guidance test and choose the best profession for yourself by taking Trinity Global Education’s personality test.
While making an informed choice about one’s career, our aptitude tests are extremely pivotal it becomes is also necessary to recognize which areas of your profile are the strongest and which areas aspects need further improvement.
Our experts will also give you personalized and constructive feedback based on the career quiz results. Using this analysis, you can go ahead to improve upon your profile in the direction that suits you best. Team up with Trinity Global Education to discover your potential and chalk out your career path!

  • 30 minute Career Test to assess your aptitude based on scientific principles
  • Exhaustive, 22-page report detailing aspects of your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and suitable career options
  • Detailed report about your personality, aptitude and skills
  • Evaluation of multiple career opportunities
  • Matched scientifically and accurately, to 80 different job categories and 400 different job functions

Please Note: All testing is done online; you will not be required to travel/visit our offices and can avail of this service from any location worldwide.

Get specific advice on how to build your profile, maximize your strengths and reach your goals, through our counseling session.

At Trinity Global Education career counsellor is a therapist or a life mentor who is qualified in providing career counselling, discussing career goals, providing individuals with appropriate career planning and interpreting aptitude and ability tests. Our Career counsellors work with individuals who have various questions regarding career paths to choose from. Our career counsellor helps individuals get a clearer idea as to what career path is right for them, they also help plan long term and short term career goal. Our Career counsellors with the help of aptitude tests and interest tests understand an individual’s skills and abilities, then provide career counselling which helps individuals choose an appropriate career for themselves.

Our team of Career counselling will help by providing individuals choose an appropriate career based on their interests, skills and abilities. The main objective of career counselling at Trinity is to help students pick a field that complements their abilities and skills the most. Hence, career guidance/career counselling is very important as it will help students to choose from various career choices and pick out the career path that is best for them and perform their level best in it, which will help them succeed and make a better life.

Trinity Global Education career counselor will guide to individuals to help them gain insight about the skills and abilities they possess that is very important to recognize career options and help them decide on one career choice. Our Trinity Career counselors provide individuals with appropriate career guidance that will help them choose the right career path from different career choices that are present in front of them. Having various career options to choose from, can confuse individuals as to which career option is best for them, career guidance will help them recognize their aptitude and interests and help them pick the right career path.

Trinity Global Education career counselling centre provides students with a certified aptitude test, interest test, personality test and DMIT test. These tests are used by the career counsellors to evaluate students innate abilities, skills and potential which will give the career counsellor a better idea as to which career option is best suited for the student. During the career counselling that will be provided by Trinity Global Education , the career counsellor will help students understand their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills and aptitude. In this way, the career counsellor will help the students choose the right career path.

Please Note: Your personalized 1-hour session will be on Skype and can be taken from any location worldwide. You can use the hour to discuss any of the above.

Need some extra guidance in choosing your career choice ?

Learn everything there is to know while making a career choice, with our Expert Career Counsellors

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