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The National Admissions Test for Law or LNAT, is an admissions aptitude test that was adopted in 2004 by eight UK university law programs as an admissions requirement for home applicants.The LNAT is used by universities to help them select people for their undergraduate law courses. The test doesn’t test your knowledge of law or any other subject. Instead, it helps universities assess your aptitude for the skills required to study law.The content of the LNAT is managed by the members of the LNAT Consortium.The test itself is administered by Pearson VUE, under contract to LNAT. The LNAT helps universities make fairer choices from the many highly-qualified applicants who want to join their undergraduate law programmes. It is used in collaboration with other admissions processes such as UCAS application  and academic qualifications.

You should aim to take the test as early in the academic year as possible for maximum choice of test venue and availability, & to meet admissions deadlines.You must take the test in the UCAS year in which you are applying to university. You can only sit the test once in the cycle (September to June) & results cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

The LNAT is a 2¼ hour test in two sections
Section A
This section consists of 42 multiple choice questions.The questions are based on 12 argumentative passages, with 3 or 4 multiple choice questions on each.You will be given 95
minutes to answer all of the questions.You’ll be able to review your answers at any time during the 95 minutes, but you will not be able to return to the multiple choice section once you begin Section B.

Section B
In section B, you will have 40 minutes to answer one of three essay questions on a range of
subjects to demonstrate your ability to argue economically and to come to a
conclusion. You will need a good command of written English.

Both your LNAT score and essay are made available to the participating universities.These are then used to supplement your university application and show your aptitude for studying undergraduate law.

You need to take the LNAT during the September 2018 to June 2019 test cycle if you are applying for 2019 entry(or deferred entry in 2020) to any of the following UK undergraduate law programs (listed by university and UCAS code).You must also read the information about deadline dates for the universities. As well as taking the LNAT, you need to apply for your chosen programs in the normal way.Sitting the LNAT does not constitute an application to any universities. The LNAT must be taken by all applicants (UK, EU and overseas) to undergraduate law programs at