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We provide comprehensive support, targeted one-off services, and application reviews to make sure you get the help you need, no matter when you need it

Prepare at your own pace with comprehensive tutorials, authentic example video responses from real students, and an extensive Knowledge Bank.

Step-by-step video modules go through the OVERALL of acing your medical school interview, including how to structure responses to avoid underselling yourself and how to prepare for interview day.

Trinity Global Education is one of the most trusted names in medical admissions.Formerly, only students at the best schools would get personalised interview training from specialists, and it was hard to compete if you didn’t have this opportunity.
All medical school applicants can watch experts giving feedback on genuine answers, getting exposure to a variety of responses . Discussing various scenario with the group of students and understanding how deal with the situation and answer them is something which is important part of interviews.

  • Sample MMI Interview Policy Question with Expert Response
  • Our Experts will guide you in Multiple Mini Interview which also measure your teamwork and oral communication skills.
  • A comprehensive overview of the interview process and preparation strategies
  • Guidance on setting up mock-interviews
  • Extensive coverage of the top medical interview topics: academic skills and interests, work experience, volunteering, personal traits, knowledge of medical school, knowledge of medical profession, the NHS, and ethics
  • Having multiple interviews tests your stress levels and if you’re capable of handling pressure. We get you involved in various activites which will help you to take this pressure and learn.
  • Our team will take you through various mode of preparation as per your university offers. The MMI format is used in the admissions process to your advantage. You have many people working together to formulate ideas and opinions on who you are as a candidate. This may sound daunting, but it’s more beneficial for you than traditional types of interviews.
  • We suggest student to start the interview On average, start preparing for their MMI two months before their interview. However, this varies from person to person. We recommend practicing as much as possible until you feel 100% confident in your ability to answer any question type well. You can contact us and we will let you know the time and months required for your prep.
  • In-depth advice from actual medical students on how to impress the admissions team.
  • Complete End-To-End Support. Comprehensive support for every aspect of your application primary, secondary applications and interview prep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the school you’re interviewing at, we do both. In case you’re wondering what ‘blind’ and ‘non-blind’ interviews mean – ‘blind’ interviews are those where the interviewer has not seen your entire application before the interview. They have only seen your resume. These interviews are also called closed file interviews. Non-blind interviews are those where your interviewer has access to the entire application. Sometimes, these interviews are called open file interviews.

Please provide us all the documents that are available. Regardless of the interview format, we need as much information as we can get to craft a custom mock interview session for you. Your documents provide us context around your strengths and weaknesses and allow us to ask targeted questions like the ones that you can expect to get from the admissions committee.

Please book mock interviews early. This service usually gets booked very fast, so don’t delay your decision. Please book this service as soon as you know you’ll be interviewing at a particular institution.

It depends on how confident you’re feeling about your preparation. Some candidates prefer doing one mock interview session per school whereas some do multiple sessions. We would suggest doing multiple sessions for your dream school since that will give you the opportunity to incorporate feedback from the previous session and finetune your answers.

We will provide feedback right after the interview. We understand that there usually isn’t a lot of time to prepare for interviews, so we want to make sure you have enough time to get better.

We have specialists for each interview format – blind (or closed file) traditional interviews, non-blind (or open file) traditional interviews, panel interviews, group interviews, and multiple mini interviews (MMI). We will prepare you for each format so that you can articulate your case regardless of how much or how little time you have in front of the admissions committee.

Who Would’ve Thought Acing An Interview Would Be So Easy!

A Unique Approach For Every Interview Type

Each medical school’s interview panel has a different style of interviewing. Some use traditional interviews, whereas some use the MMI format. We help you articulate your relevant experiences for every format in a way that resonates with the values and brand of the medical school.

Review Your Entire Medical Application Package

We do a complete assessment of each aspect of your medical school application, right from your essays to test scores. This allows us to understand your background and frame questions that align with your experiences and strengths.

Rigorous Medical School Interview Preparation With Our Experienced Experts

Our Graduate Coach will schedule a call to conduct a mock interview. It will test your readiness and help you understand how to improve your pitch, modulation, and intonation. We will cover all aspects of the interview so that you put your best foot forward on the big day.

Learn how to improve your admissions chances by speaking with one of our admissions experts.

During our consultation, we will discuss your background and goals, evaluate your candidacy, provide you with concrete feedback, and then of course, answer any questions that you might have.
We’ll also discuss our programs and how we will work together throughout your application process. You can expect this call to last about 20 minutes. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

If you have not heard from us or want to speak sooner then please email us at with your availability (including time zone), phone number, target program, and specific questions.

We provide support across the entire application lifecycle.

Need some extra guidance in boosting your Interview Prepration?

Learn everything there is to know about the Interview Prepration, with our Experts

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